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Vietnam Sourcing Specialist

Vietnam Sourcing Specialist

Unlock the potential of Vietnam's low-cost manufacturing with CPT – your trusted partner in quality, efficiency, and reliability. In a landscape where choosing the right sourcing specialist is crucial, our proven track record and commitment to excellence set us apart.

Why Vietnam?

Vietnam emerges as a prime destination for low-cost manufacturing, rivaling Thailand and Malaysia while mitigating risks. While monthly wages might be lower in the latter, Vietnam's consistent track record outshines its counterparts. The lax regulations in Thailand and Malaysia have led to catastrophic consequences, including the loss of assets.

Recent events in these countries underscore the unstable and perilous economic environments, making Vietnam a safer and more reliable choice for international companies seeking manufacturing solutions in Asia.

The Shift from China

As China's manufacturing landscape undergoes changes, international companies are turning to Vietnam as a viable alternative. Vietnam presents itself as a beacon for low-cost manufacturing with numerous benefits:

  • Create high-quality, affordable products for local and ASEAN markets.
  • Benefit from low-cost labor and inexpensive local raw materials.
  • Strategic proximity to East Asian and Southeast Asian markets.

International Recognition

Leading global companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Nike are recognizing the potential in Vietnam for low-cost manufacturing. The country's estimated overall growth of 5 to 7 percent from 2012 to 2020 further solidifies its position as a lucrative investment opportunity.

Your Trusted Partner - CPT

Choosing Vietnam as your low-cost manufacturing hub demands careful consideration and a reliable local partner. CPT's Management Group, comprised of both European based sales and supply chain management and English-speaking Vietnamese manufacturing specialists, understands both the business climate and culture of Vietnam.

Our focus is on establishing trade agreements between worldwide companies and Vietnam businesses by providing comprehensive supply chain management services. From sourcing and manufacturing to importing and exporting, CTP is here to ensure your success in this dynamic and promising market.


We can cater for all of your bespoke sourcing needs. Contact us today for a quote.